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The Cellar Mat is a device capable of decelerating, stopping and cradling a full keg of beer from a 3 metre vertical drop.

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How does it work?

The cellar mat is designed to stop, and cradle a full beer keg.

The Internal configuration of the foam filling and blast vents allows for rapid air volume changes in the bag to achieve quick keg deceleration.

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The Keg Mat while being simple has been designed to allow for rapid expulsion of air at a rate that slows the keg down but does not rupture the outer covering.

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The old technique of a controlled rope drop or car tyres is time consuming, back straining for the rope handler and dangerous for the cellar man avoiding the kegs as they bounce off the tyres. 

Cellar Mats


The cellar mat has undergone extensive development and testing. Mats are designed to take quite a beating. Some hotels where they are used are exposed to weekly drops in excess of 100 kegs.

The materials used will cope with the typical damp humid conditions found in many cellars.

These mats are tested every day, not in a laboratory but in the damp dirty cellars of hotels. 

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Proven performance you can trust

Pubs and bars across Australia choose to use the original Cellar Mats for their hospitality venues because they provide superior performance and high quality construction materials.

Trusted By Pubs Everywhere


“Such a simple idea but works so well. Our delivery drivers love it!”

Haris P.


“No more dropping kegs onto a pile of tires and worrying about damage caused by the keg as it bounces all over the place. “

Anita L.


“We have keg mats in all of our hospitality locations!”

Andrew M.

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