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Ian Brown

Ian Brown was watching truck drivers unload full kegs into the underground cellar of a pub noticed how difficult, awkward, and downright dangerous it was for everyone involved.

Delivery drivers have to quickly unload kegs full kegs from the truck risking serious back injuries.

Kegs are then dropped into the underground cellars and land on things like tyres to try and dampen their fall, often resulting in a keg bouncing around the cellar causing damage and risking more injuries.

Seeing a need to improve safety while also increasing efficiency, the first Cellar Mat was born.

Ian Brown

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Pubs and bars across Australia choose to use the original Cellar Mats for their hospitality venues because they provide superior performance and high quality construction materials.


“Such a simple idea but works so well. Our delivery drivers love it!”

Haris P.


“No more dropping kegs onto a pile of tires and worrying about damage caused by the keg as it bounces all over the place. “

Anita L.


“We have keg mats in all of our hospitality locations!”

Andrew M.

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